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Vision Mobile
• All network files stored centrally;
• Everywhere available;
• Task oriented applications;
• Powerfull webserver for calculations.

Watt connects
Watt connects uses Phase to Phases Vision World of Energy. An interactive low voltage table provides up to ten people at onze with insight about the possibilities and limitations of the distribution grid.

Nikola Tesla

Tesla was one of the pioneers to recognise the advantages of the rotating electromagnetic field. He developed a multi-phase electrical system using dynamos, transformers and electric motors.

spacer World of Energy

pay-offPhase to Phase develops software for calculation on electricity grids. We combine current knowledge van mathematics, physics and ICT to create software, that our users think is both accessible and practical.
Among our clients are grid operators, industry, engineering firms, polytechnical schools and universities.

Vision Power Range
Our Vision Power Range consists of a series of programs, whose platform is Vision Network Analysis en Vision LV Network Design. Through intensive contact with our users we are able to constantly improve and expand our software. With Vision Mobile Vision Network Analysis is now available on the road too.

laagspanningstafelVision World of Energy
Due to the emergence of for example distributed generation, solar panels and electric vehicles present day distribution grids more and more face two-way traffic. Therefore individual consumers become involved in the grid. In order to provide them with insight concerning the possibilities and limitations of the grid, Phase to Phase developed Vision World of Energy: a portable virtual distribution network that instantly makes clear what happens when too many neighbors buy electric cars or solar panels and what a neighborhood can do to maintain of supply the grid.